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Sam Ciurdar Founder & President

Sam is a 11+ year strategic logistics leader that lives, breathes, studies, and fills every waking moment of his existence finding ways to provide value for his clients and come up with strategies to prevent issues!

Countless Fortune 1000 companies have trusted Sam to execute by not only ensuring all shipments are safely picked up and delivered on time, but he also adjusts rates in his clients’ favor as the market allows!

The premise that he is available 24/7/365 to provide solutions for his clients has been tested and proven for more than 11 years! The love and passion he has for logistics are undeniable!


“I was extremely successful at providing value for my clients and colleagues at both a large top 10 freight brokerage and years later at a start-up freight brokerage, turning weaknesses into strengths and using my strengths to take those organizations to new heights.” However, I felt like I had many limitations at both, which led to my starting Ciao Logistics!

Ciao, meaning hello and goodbye in Romanian and Italian, was the obvious name! It was time to say goodbye to limitations and hello to world-class solutions! Ciao Logistics was a dream come true where those limitations were finally eliminated to ensure both clients and carriers experienced a level of service that is revolutionary!

I am beyond excited to bring Ciao Logistics to the masses, with my main goal being to become a true one-stop shop and not just claim to be one like so many other companies claim to be! Ciao Logistics partnered up with Ace Forwarding Inc., which was founded in 1994, to achieve this goal!

Ace Forwarding is an asset-based trucking company and global freight forwarder! There are many large brokerages and clients that rely on Ace’s expedited and air freight expertise to get their shipments moved both domestically and internationally!

I can now say with confidence that Ciao Logistics will be the last logistics provider you will ever need to add to your network, and over time you will find that the solutions, expertise, and round-the-clock service will make it so that other logistics providers will not be able to compete with Ciao!

Your other logistics providers will be outworked and outhustled day by day, week by week, month by month, weekend by weekend, and holiday by holiday! I do not take time off so that your organization experiences a stress-free supply chain when you make Ciao Logistics your primary carrier!

“I appreciate every single one of you, and I look forward to proving how Ciao Logistics will be your domestic and international one-stop shop for decades to come!”

– SAM CIURDAR – Ciao Logistics Founder & President

Mission & VALUES



We have a passion for logistics! You will feel, hear, and be overcome by the relentless passion to ensure all shipments are both on time and safely delivered!


Transportation isn’t perfect, but we will strive for perfection by providing honest communication throughout the life of your shipment!

Customer Experience

Service and communication will exceed all expectations! We take a consultative approach to ensure service is top-notch with all options presented, so you are in the driver’s seat and set for success! We keep ourselves available 24/7/365 for anything life throws our way!


Our word is our bond, and trust comes with time! Once trust is reciprocated, we can look forward to being long-term partners!

Partner with Ciao Logistics!

  • Single Point Of Contact available 24/7/365 – Yes, even after Hours, Holidays & Weekends!
  • Award Winning TURVO TMS Technology – EDI, API, GPS & TMS integrations
  • Strong Carrier Relationships – we stay committed to our carriers!
  • Proven Reliability – Shippers have trusted CIAO! to deliver out hustling other logistics providers!
  • Reliable Capacity: All modes shipped – Domestic and Global transportation
  • Safe Operations: 99% claim-free cargo delivery
CIAO Logistics Is the last logistics provider you will ever need to add to your network! CIAO! is the missing piece to your logistics puzzle!